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Kooki Kodes

ReactJS Web Developer


Hello! My name is Kooki Kodes. Currently, I'm based in Southern California and I have over 2 years of design and programming experience. I pride myself on being self-taught in both front and back-end web development. I am also a very fast learner when it comes to learning new languages and tooling systems. With the skills I have cultivated, I am able to design, develop and deliver beautiful web applications.


2020 - 2020Eloquent Javascript

Marijn Haverbeke

  • Learned important design patterns, data structures, and in-depth concepts about Javascript's key features.
  • Provided an environment and problems to further solidify my understanding of Javascript.

2019 - 2020Harvard CS50

Online Course

  • Taught me important concepts about programming and problem solving.
  • Learned key skills used in algorithmic problem solving and how to apply those skills accross several different languages.
  • Solved all provided algorithms and problems provided by the course.

2019 - 2020Udemy

Online Courses

  • Took many courses on web development, responsive web design and front-end web design.
  • Learned how to read and understand tooling systems through their provided documentation.


Design Tools

Goto Tools

Miro, Figma and Clickup are my goto design tools that I use to structure, design and organize any web application I create.

Web Languages

Front-end Languages

Javascript, SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and Typescript. My goto languages for scaffolding, implementing and building web apps.



React, Svelte, and Vue are the main Frameworks that I have used. The main framework I use is React, although Svelte is my favorite framework to use.

Soft Skills

What I provide

Along with always taking the mobile first approach to design, I also provide creativity and teamwork to any environment.


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Translation Bot

DiscordJs, FaunaDB, Google Translate Api, Typescript, NodeJs


I created this project to solve the many issues of communication between several different languages with the goal of making this communication easier and less cluttered. The project is still a work in progress, please feel free to check out the github to see where I'm at in the process or come join the discord server and see how the bot works. If you are interested in using the discord bot for your server, please contact me below.

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image of discord bot

Kooki Komerce

React, ChakraUi, React Redux, Express JS, Mongo DB, Firebase, Cloudinary


A mock ecommerce website for selling computers. The website was built to simulate an ecommerce website, from both the user and provider side. The website uses a very basic role system to determine the difference between admins, user's and guest. Due to this, users can only navigate to pages depending on their role. Please feel free to check out both the api and client side codebase on my github. Also feel free to navigate as a normal user would on the website. Links are down below.


Kooki Kodes 2021

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